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SeriAll is a free and extremely useful tool to batch rename your files in an intuitive and simple way. You can modify your filenames by adding any text string or by numbering them either automatically or according to your preferences, and replace their extension with a new one of your choice. Its small and clear interface will show you a preview of the new filenames, which will remain unchanged and untouched until you tell SeriAll to perform its magic.

The various options available and the countless combination possibilities available give the program a high level of flexibility. Source files can be selected either individually or by loading all the files in a given folder. Files can be sorted and filtered in various ways to help you make sure that the files to be renamed are the ones you had in mind. You can change the original filename completely or keep it at the beginning or the end of the new name. Note that unlike other renaming tools, SeriAll will not rename your files using information present in the files themselves – any new text used to build the new filenames will come from you. Files can also be numbered automatically using the program’s “meter”. The corresponding number can be inserted in any part of the name, and you can add a text string to go with it easily (either before or after the number). Name extensions can also be bulk changed in one single operation, though you are advised to use this powerful tool wisely and carefully.

Nothing in your files will change unless you click on the “Re-name!” button, so take a closer look at the preview of the resulting list – located in the bottom side of the program’s interface – before performing any changes. Files can also be moved and copied when renamed for extra security.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Allows you to preview the resulting filenames before performing any changes
  • Requests your confirmation prior to renaming any files
  • Easy-to-use filters and other renaming options


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